Project Timeline

September 2011: Letters of invitation to volunteer for the Maui Smart Grid Project sent to all Maui Meadows homeowners
September 2011–December 2011: Maui Meadows homeowners enroll as volunteers in the project
November 2011: Prospective volunteers for informational meeting about the goals and process of the Maui Smart Grid Project.
March 2012–November 2012: MECO completes installs of smart meters.
April 2012: Silver Spring Networks secure, personalized energy data website goes live for volunteers allowing them to track their energy consumption.
July 2012: Sustainable Living Institute of Maui (SLIM) completes first volunteer survey.
July 2012–August 2012: SLIM completes home energy audits to help volunteers learn about the high energy consumption areas in their home and suggest adjustments to reduce usage.
September 2012-February 2013: Hnu Energy and SSN install in-home devices for volunteers who selected the option.
December 2012: Project partners host a gathering of volunteers to hear about their experiences with the project thus far.
February 2013 – March 2013: SLIM to complete second homeowner questionnaire.
Throughout 2013: Project partners continue to collect date and conducts one-on-one home visits with volunteers to assist with their progress

The project will collect data for at least a year and submit a report to the U.S. Department of Energy evaluating the technologies and impacts on volunteer energy usage on Maui. This report will also be shared with project participants. Project results will be compared with other demonstration projects throughout the U.S. and also be used for decision making on future smart grid initiatives in Hawaii.

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