What to Expect as a Participant

All project participants will have a Smart Meter professionally installed at their house and receive access to a personalized energy data website. Through this website, you can easily monitor and control your energy consumption.

In addition, qualified participants will be eligible to test one or more of the following technologies:

  • An in-home energy display
  • A smart thermostat
  • A smart water heater control system
  • A solar/photovoltaic monitoring system (you must already have a rooftop solar installation).

Participants receiving the additional technologies will have the option to receive a home energy audit to help you understand how to use less energy and make your home more energy efficient. Students from UH-Maui College will conduct the audits as part of their training toward becoming certified as a Home Energy Survey Professional (HESP). The student audits will be conducted under supervision of a certified professional from a local company.

All technologies and services, including the home energy audit, will be provided at no cost to project participants.

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