Maui Smart Grid Project Description


The Maui Smart Grid Project will evaluate new Smart Grid technologies to enable a cleaner, more efficient energy system on the island of Maui. This pilot project will be located in the Maui Meadows neighborhood in South Kihei, and will take place on a voluntary, opt-in basis. The project is funded by the Department of Energy as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), and will be at no cost to project participants.

The Smart Grid, often called the energy internet, is a system of interconnected technologies that enable two-way communication between different parts of the electric power system.

The expected benefits of the Maui Smart Grid Project include:

– Integrating more renewable energy, such as solar and wind power, on Maui
– Reducing Maui’s dependence on imported oil
– Restoring power faster after system outages
– Providing customers with more information on current energy use
– Allowing customers greater choice over how they use energy.

All participants will have a Smart Meter professionally installed at their house and receive access to a personalized energy data website. Through this website, participants can easily monitor and control their energy consumption.

In addition, participants may be eligible to test one or more of the following technologies:

– An in-home display
– A smart thermostat
– A smart water heater control system
– A solar PV monitoring system (you must already have a rooftop solar installation) 

We look forward to working with the Maui Meadows community on this project and we are excited about moving towards a more efficient, sustainable energy grid for Maui.

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